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Welcome to MEGAPRESS photo agency

Company profile

They passed thirty years from where I began the photo-reporting in Thessaloniki. The special knowledge was minimal but the creative disposal interminable.

The first steps became in the amateur grounds and were continued with insistence, consequence and professionalism. This is the reason why award came earlier than i thought. Very fast I passed in the big makes of news reports covering photographic world subjects of interest. Photographs were published to me in the bigger newspapers of world.

Today MEGAPRESS my company collaborates with a lot of newspapers in all Greece covering henceforth not only athletic makes but also political and social subjects all kinds.

Exist my collaborators in all Greece that they can cover per all moment the makes of topicality. I was many times over proposed I photograph official and separate subjects from the institutions of mass media.

The agency apart from the photographic cover of topicality deals also with the commercial advertising photograph as with special collaborations that I have with the Athenian Agency of News as well as the European Photographic Agency.

My collaborators and i through the MEGAPRESS we are always here we stop any moment where it determines the world in a photograph with the most perfect technological quality..